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"Apart from the everyday jobs such as rewires, repairs and basic electrical works, we pride ourselves in being able to tackle the more unusual electrical problems; from control panels to faulty electronic equipment in large industrial companies at a fraction of manufacturer's prices meaning that you, the customer, can achieve excellent savings due to our experienced engineering team."

what is niceic ?

We are members of the NICEIC, an organization who exist purely for the safety of electrical installations, as a member, we are inspected yearly to make sure, from a random selection of the years work, we comply with the regulations ensuring that our work is to the highest standard.

rcd's & mcb's

MCB's are switch devices that monitor the current taken by a particular circuit and trip if it is too high to ensure safety or an RCD which monitors the imbalance in the particular circuit and when deemed too high because of a current leakage to earth, trips the circuit to ensure safety.